Data analysis service:

let us professionally analyse your ks1/ks2 ASP data

we can analyse your ASP data and provide a thorough, no-nonsense narrative

Data analysis report

Simply email us a copy of your school’s latest ASP data in PDF format and we will prepare a comprehensive, page by page narrative. Our analysis uses terminology that is suitable for SLT, Staff and Governors. You will be able to copy and paste our observations into your self-evaluation summary

We use colour coding to highlight areas to celebrate and areas for development to aid the reader focus on key issues arising from the data

We comment on recent trends (where data is available) and compare pupil group performance to national
This service offers a cost effective alternative to the painstaking trawl through your Analyse School Performance (ASP) data and provides concise, informed comments suitable for your self-evaluation. Our analysis is sent to you by email, there will be no visit to your school

We process orders strictly in the sequence that we received your data

This is an extremely popular service and you are advised to send your data to us early

This all sounds too good to be true, but what does it cost?

… less than you may think
Click on the pound sign (above) for pricing information and details of how to order

All analysis reports qualify for six months free telephone/email support